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SO, SEVEN YEARS after starting my “rewrite” of Gilmore Girls season 7, I finally figured out how I wanted my version of the season/series finale to go whilst on the way home from work tonight. 

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If you ever decide to publish, I will read it devotedly.

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October book photo challenge

Day 15: Gave me chills

This book is so good and beautiful and it gave me chills

Look at the owl, though. thebooker

Love it!

My husband is in the middle of his first reading of “The Book Thief.” I was smiling/chuckling at him earlier this evening, commenting that he’s the only person I know who’d be reading “The Book Thief” while periodically looking up at his smart-phone to catch the score etc. of a football game. He started defending the practice, and I told him that I didn’t say it was a bad thing…just one of the peculiarities that make me love him.

I need some help with NaNoWriMo. I've got a new job and extra school work and evening classes and little sleep. I'm worried, as I haven't figured out what I'm going to write about this year. The thought occurred to me that I could do a compilation of short stories, poems, free verse stuff... But I'm worried it would be hard to get to 50,000 with that. I'm just... I'm not sure I have time to map out a plot, ya know?



I do know. I am busy, too with 2 jobs, Physical therapy for my leg and planning my move across the country, but I am doing it. So, I do know, Anon, it is going to be tough. What I don’t know is…what is the question? lol.

Good luck with Nanowrimo!

I’ll be posting writing tips, master posts, etc like I did last year! And guys, we’ll also do the quotes thing again. So, as you write send me your quotes and i’ll post them on the blog.  That was fun last year, I thought. 

Any particular tag/procedure for the quotes?




It’s like:


i just moved and this is actually what i do

Reminds me of the different-perspectives-on-Steinbeck conversation from earlier this evening (with a relatively new friend).

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I Promise I’m Not a Murderer: The Story of a Researching Writer

now with a sequel:

I Swear I’m Not Pregnant, I’m Just Naming Characters

Don’t forget: I’m not Trying to Break Into This Building, I Just Need to Know the Layout of it

And the ever appealling: I’m Not Planning on Killing Myself, I Just Need to Know How a Character Could Commit Suicide Whilst Making it Look Like a Murder

I recommend

I’m Not a Terrorist, I Just Need to Know How a Criminal Mastermind Would Properly Construct a Bomb

And my personal favourite

I Swear I’m Not Sick I Just Like Making Characters Suffer By Giving Them Deadly Diseases

And don’t forget:

I Don’t Suffer From That Particular Mental Illness I’m Just Trying to Write Convincingly and Inoffensively About a Character Who Does - Please Stop Analyzing My Behavior For Signs of…I Said S…Will You Stop Doing That!!!!!


No I’m Not Having Some Kind of a Seizure/Talking to Myself: You Weren’t Supposed to See Me Acting Out The Scene I’m Trying to Write

"…it’s like my life isn’t even real to me unless you’re there and you’re in it and I’m sharing it with you."


In a world of her own



Okay, so…aside from all the logical, analytical reasons that I’m anti-dean-and-logan and pro-jess, I had an ex-boyfriend who acted a lot like Dean, and looked a lot like Logan. Whereas my husband in many, many ways is like Jess. We’ve been happily married for over 5 years, and I wouldn’t trade our life together for anything in the world. So……yeah.

You mean that the fact that I married my black haired high school boyfriend with Italian blood in his veins has something to do with it? ;D

…veeeeeeeerrry likely. LOL

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Somehow I’ve become much more attached to Jess’s journey than Rory’s. Maybe because Jess’s character feels more identifiable to me, as does Luke’s when his family is involved. I love Gilmore Girls and all of the characters. But I’m invested in that storyline because of the way it hits home. No rich parents or upscale small town surface. We get to see what life is like outside the town square business owners. We get a sibling that that garbage guy sold pot to in 1984. An older brother always trying to do right by his flighty younger sister. A mother who can’t hold down a job or have a healthy relationship and the kid who suffered for it. You know for years Luke tried not to think about that. That half the reason he always bailed Liz out was that she had Jess. And he knew Liz wasn’t a good mother. But what was he going to do? Wouldn’t the alternatives be worse? How many times did that go through his head and how many times did he push it to the back of his mind?

We only ever get hints about the way Lorelai struggled to pay bills on her own or what life was like for her and Rory in the early years. By the time we meet them, they’ve got a huge house(somehow), enough money for clothes and take out, and Lorelai worries about big bills but she apparently has some saving somewhere because she wants to buy an Inn… And Lorelai for all her wackiness grew up incredibly upper class and still has those manners and code switches when she wants to like a pro and manages to shelter Rory from a lot of things.

I like Rory’s character. But she feels so naive and fragile sometimes. She goes these stretches where she’s tough and smart and perceptive and then does or says things that make me go o.O . And I get it, I so do. But it makes me want to shake her until reality kicks in(tv show I know). The parts where the world is gritty in this show have started to become my favorite to look for.

"You know for years Luke tried not to think about that. That half the reason he always bailed Liz out was that she had Jess. And he knew Liz wasn’t a good mother. But what was he going to do? Wouldn’t the alternatives be worse? How many times did that go through his head and how many times did he push it to the back of his mind?"


things that plague me, haunt me, and break my heart.

My absolute ingrained headcanon is that Jess didn’t tell Luke a fraction of how bad things really got, because he knew it would kill him…and that Luke spent years swallowing down the worst of his suspicions, thinking that trying to take Jess away from his mom would wind up making things even worse than they were.

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